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Where are you from?  Australia originally.

Austria?  No no, the other Austria: Australia. We are the ones with the kangaroos.

It is so common when the Austrians go on holiday to America for the Americans to say, "Austria!! That's where you've got kangaroos right?" that the Austrians have t-shirts that say, "No Kangaroos in Austria."

Wow. That's a long way away. You think?

I had a friend that went to Australia once. Is it true that you eat the kangaroos? Yes, yes we do. And koalas. Delicious. What I'd do for a koala burger right now....

Why would you leave? Australia is so beautiful. Yes, but it is also very far away. The rest of the world is much more accessible from here.

How long have you been here? I have been in Europe for seven years, the first three were in Zurich, Switzerland and the last four here.

What were you doing in Zurich? I was working as a hedge fund administrator.

Wow, that is a big change. What happened? The Financial Crisis.

Do you miss banking? Hell no, it was a soul sucking endeavor. Pouring beers and being surrounded by people having a good time is much more rewarding and entertaining. Especially when they tip as well as I am sure you're going to.

Do you like it here? No, look outside. It's hideous.

Do you live here all year round? I am based here, but I like to travel as much as possible in the off season.

Like where? Last year I travelled through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala for three months.

So you don't have any children? No I am allergic.

Do you speak German? I try, but as this is an international ski resort, most people speak very good English, and when they do speak German it is a very "special" dialect. It would be akin to learning the Queen's English and then moving to the Scottish Highlands.

Do you ski or snowboard? I ski.