Travel Day, Mexico, New York


So I safely arrived in Puerto Escondido: one Uber, three planes and a taxi later. Starting at 4am was never a good idea, and by the time I arrived in Peurto I was well over it. You know why? Well, here's the kicker. I had no space in my luggage for a change of clothes. Gotta tell ya, brown suede Prada boots that are perfect for October in New York have no place on the Mexican Pacific Coast.

So many highlights, but I gotta say, the American woman who looked like someone had vomited peroxide, leopard print and gold trinkets all over her who pushed me out of the way whilst barging onto the plane took the cake. And probably the burgers too. Maybe Viva Aerobus should look into having designated seats rather than a free for all?

Other things I learned today.

  • United Airlines has a 23kg luggage allowance, unlike every other airline I have ever flown on which have 25kg
  • United will not let you sit in an Emergency Exit seat, even if the plane is empty because they cost more. Even if the plane is empty.
  • United Airlines charges you for food, and they only take cards. Bad luck if you are from Europe where the transaction will cost you more than the sandwich.
  • There is no feeling like putting on a bikini and jumping in the pool after 6 weeks in New York.