New York, WTF?


New York

In every bar (not sure whether it is New York or America wide) must have this warning. Really? Pregnant women are the ones that need to be reminded? They are the ones who need to be told of the dangers of drinking? 

I have no problem whatsoever with warning signs, but am curious as to why it is deemed the most dangerous group. I am told that it is because of the danger to the unborn baby, but where I live anyone who is diagnosed with pregnancy immediately lays off the booze sessions.  

From what I have seen, pregnant woman immediately take the weight of the world on their shoulders. Everyone they encounter in daily life has an opinion on what they should or shouldn't be eating and drinking and how they should be behaving. Ascertaining what is good and bad for them whilst they are pregnant is a veritable mine field, and if anything does go wrong they burden themselves with a lifetime of guilt. Even if nothing does go wrong, they ponder how they could have done it better. I think (perhaps maybe it is a European thing) that a woman knows what is best for her, and that is she thinks it is to have an occasional glass of wine, then so be it.